Sunday, November 24, 2019

Frank L. Boyden

Frank L. Boyden Frank L. Boyden John McPhee's The Headmaster(1966) illustrates the life of Frank L. Boyden, the headmaster of Deerfield Academy. John McPhee writes in his own biographical form done at a specific time and from the vantage point of that time. McPhee writes in such a way as if to paint a portrait of Boyden, using the details of Boyden's life and the history of Deerfield as elements of the portrait. Most of the story is written in present tense to recreate the immediate apprehension of the headmaster. Written at the time soon after Frank L. Boyden's eighty-sixth birthday, McPhee tells the story of Deerfield Academy's headmaster with upmost precision to details, but often strays from the matter at hand making the book interesting yet with excess details.Although there is no plot, McPhee tells an interesting biography, paying attention to details in the upmost precision, but often strays to the matter at hand.C. Boyden Gray

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