Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Journey Of Siddhartha s Siddhartha - 1657 Words

Siddhartha was unhappy due to having trouble reaching enlightenment and decided he wanted to join the Samanas. He wants to be filled with knowledge and reach enlightenment. Siddhartha had to persuade his father to leave, to do so he remained completely still until his father gave him permission to leave. So, Siddhartha and Govinda left their home and family to search for the Samanas. While with the Samanas they give up all of their belongings and commit themselves to following the ways of the Samanas. A few years after joining the Samanas Siddhartha feels that he is not any closer to reaching his goal of enlightment than when he first joined the Samanas. Siddhartha feels there is no more left to learn from the Samanas. He tells Govinda,†¦show more content†¦Siddhartha and Govinda travel to Jetavana, to the garden of Anathapindika, and they rest for the night. The following morning they awaken to find many other believers and curious people. Siddhartha recognized the Buddha i nstantly, â€Å"as if god had pointed him out to him. He saw him, a simple man in a yellow robe, bearing the alms-dish in his hand, walking silently.† (Page 21) They followed the Buddha until they reached town, and when evening fell they heard the Buddha teaching. After listening to Gotama’s sermon, Govinda says he wants to join his discipleship, Siddhartha says he will not join. When Siddhartha is leaving , while walking through the woods he runs into Gotama, he questions him about his teachings. Gotama tells Siddartha, â€Å"The teachings you’ve heard from me, are no opinion, and their goal is not to explain the world to those who seek knowledge. They have a different goal; their goal is salvation from suffering. This is what Gotama teaches, nothing else.†(Page 25) Siddhartha still doubts that any teaching could ever provide the experience of salvation, and that he must take his own path. The Buddha advises Siddhartha to be careful of his wisdom The B uddha wishes him well on his journey. When Siddhartha leaves the grove where the Buddha stayed behind, he realizes that he has become a man and that he has left behind the desire to have teachers and

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