Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Stem Cell Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Stem Cell Research - Essay Example Those who are in favor of it, hail it as the precursor to creating cures for many diseases that are considered incurable now. Whereas those who oppose it cite that it is inhumane, it fosters an atmosphere where abortions are encouraged and that it is against God and religion. The controversy has been raging since the advent of this type of stem cell research. Stem cells are basically cells that are capable of producing new cells, either identilca to themselves, or to a certain type of cells. Embryonic stem cells, in this regard, are very versatile, as they are cells derived from embryos, and, hence, they have the potential to grow into major organs (as is their purpose) and other parts of the human body; their potential in this regard is immense. Embryonic stem cells were derived for the first time in 1981 from mouse embryos. However, the true breakthrough in this regard occurred in 1998 when a team of scientists at the University of Wisconsin developed a technique to isolate human e mbryonic stem cells and grow them in cell cultures. This development caused researchers to hope for many discoveries of cures, as stem cells, especially embryonic stem cells showed a lot of potential in this regard. It is pertinent to mention once again that the controversy regarding stem cell research is aimed at embryonic stem cell research, there has been no objection to adult stem cell research. ... They say that those involved in the research are essentially, not only creating life, but destroying it at their own whim. This seems to be the biggest hurdle for the researchers to overcome: the religious opposition. Another reason that seems to be given is that in a way embryonic stem cell research may also encourage women to have abortions, as the aborted fetus will be considered a viable source of stem cell research. However, it is pertinent to note that this is not an allowed practice. However, the detractors have commented that not only are adult stem cells a better option, with those found in umbilical cord having given very good results, but they will be able to give better results if the funding is channeled away from embryonic stem cell research into adult stem cell research. Those who are in favor of stem cell research point out that embryonic stem cells have more potential for helping in many diseases. Moreover, since they are not developed inside the womb, they should no t be considered â€Å"life† in the religious sense at least, especially because there is no chance for embryos to survive outside the womb. Moreover, embryonic stem cells have not even begun to take human form, therefore, they should not be considered human life. Moreover, it is pointed out that abortions are legal in a lot of countries, at least in those countries the embryos should be allowed to be worked upon, as otherwise they would be thrown away as bio-hazardous waste anyway. Also, certain fertilization treatments end up creating a large number of embryos that are otherwise left to waste, or face the same fate as the aborted fetuses, therefore, it makes sense to make use of them. The argument that supports their cause the most is, those

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